Puppy Class

Puppy class for 8-16 week old puppies at the start of the 9 week course.
This class is held at the Farnborough Community Centre on Tuesday evenings 8.15 - 9.00pm.

The Club uses the Clicker training method in all classes.  This is based on the reward system and is totally gentle and non-punitive.  The class is limited to ten puppies and has a Chief Instructor and at least 2 assistants.  We welcome anyone who lives with the puppy to attend these classes and take part in the training.  Every evening a set of homework notes are given which detail what you have done that evening and suggest what you should do during the week to make good progress.  The course is intended to help owners to  have a well socialised and well behaved puppy.

Companion Class

This class is for dogs of 16+ weeks to any age at the start of the 9 week course.
This class is held at the Farnborough Community Centre on Tuesday at 8pm - 9pm.

The Club uses the Clicker training method  in all its classes as this is an effective, non-punitive  way of that is very successful in producing well behaved dogs.  The course is limited to 10 dogs and there is a Chief Instructor and two assistants.  Homework sheets are given which detail the work done in the class and suggest what should be don

e during the week at home. Anyone who lives with the dog is welcome to attend the classes

Classes for the K.C. Good Citizens Dog Scheme

These classes are held at the Farnborough Community Centre on  Tuesday evenings 7 - 8pm and are open to dogs that have successfully completed the Puppy and Companion Dog courses.

We prepare dogs for this Scheme at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels.  At the Bronze level Handlers must show they have the ability to control and generally care for their dogs in a domestic situation. At Silver level Handlers will build on the skills learned for the Bronze level and will involve road walking and control in other situations i.e. in the car.  The Gold level continues to build on these skills.  The general aim is to have a happy well controlled dog and a confident handler.  These awards are non-compeitive – you just have to demonstrate the necessary skills – and are open to all dogs.


Bronze AwardSilver Award Gold Award
Competitive Classes

We run classes for dogs whose owners wish to enter them in Obedience competitions. There are three classes  all held on Thursday evenings at the Farnborough Community Centre.  There is a class  for puppies aged from 10 weeks onwards, a class for dogs working(or about to work) Pre-Beginner, Beginner  or Novice classes, and a third for those working at ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ and Championship ‘C’ levels.  Progression through these classes is made by ability and results at Shows.   Dogs can progress to these classes from the pet groups if the owners wish to do competitive work and acquire the necessary basic  skills. 

For further information please contact Barbara Delany 01252 321711.